Heartstrings: Reflections of a Small-Town Girl on Life, Love and Hope

Welcome to my Heartstrings Blog! On this page, you will find my reflections on life, love and hope where I will explore topics that tug at my heartstrings, topics such as: community, kindness, love, mental illness, relationships, forgiveness, regret, surrender, and contentment (to name a few). My goal for this blog is to explore questions about what makes a life meaningful and purposeful and how to live life in the most fulfilling way. I believe the answer to living a purposeful life lies in love and relationships, and I would like to explore this in extensive detail. (Please note: when I say love, I don’t mean romantic love, but a deep familial love we might have for family, friends, and other people). If you are also looking to find purpose and meaning in your own life, I hope you may find some enlightenment in the posts that follow.

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